Образование и обучение
This is where your content marketing starts
Since 2014 I have been working on content for Internet blogs.
I advise authors on career start and professional growth.

In 2021, she founded the MAK content agency as part of a project of the same name dedicated to achieving harmony in all areas of life and overcoming unnecessary restrictions.
MAK is a big project
Its purpose is to get out of unnecessary restrictions
We help to achieve harmony in all areas of life with the help of workshops and practical meetings - a specially developed methodology for comfortable and effective transformation of your life.

This is not coaching, not therapy, not a club of interests. The MAC project gives you the tools to achieve your goals and helps you tailor them to your needs.
Participants study information at workshops in any convinient for them time, receive maximum support and consolidate their knowledge at practical meetings.
I have been planning the creation of the project for almost 5 years. I thought a lot about how to make it as convenient and effective as possible.
Now it helps to reveal the abilities in the participants in several directions at once.
Busines journalism
Training for specialists in the field of content marketing, advanced training at practical meetings.
Mobilization of internal reserves, search for inspiration and disclosure of new facets of your personality through writing, dancing, drawing.
Working with emotions and spiritual growth
Unification of material and spiritual. Complete transformation of life in the most favorable direction for yourself
Content agency exists within this project
Here's how it came about
The team has gathered
I used to be an editor at the Amaze agency. Gathered a team of authors for various projects, with which further cooperation continued.
Webinars and online lectures have begun
For a year and a half, I held general meetings, during which they sorted out common mistakes. These meetings have grown into the format of free closed online lectures.
Due to the coronavirus, many projects have been suspended. Then I changed my field of activity a little and plunged into work on articles for online media. At the same time, I was thinking about the idea of the MAK project.
Back to turnkey projects
I started working as an editor with the 7Days private language school, the CPA-network SalesDoubler and the Czech logistics company Wings.
Reassembled a team of good specialists and quickly mobilized resources for fruitful work.
Finally the agency has been created
Officially, the MAK agency has existed since October 2021 and specializes in creating and maintaining corporate blogs, as well as commercial journalism.
Something about me
Marketer, author of 27+ scientific reports on advertising
Studied Marketing in Europe. Since 2012, she has been actively engaged in scientific work at the international level. She made presentations at economic and business conferences in Ukraine, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy.
Editor and business journalist
9 years of experience in content marketing. I write articles for online media, develop and, together with the MAK team, implement turnkey content strategies.
Collaborated with SalesDoubler CPA network, Amaze agency, Cyprus IT community, SMMplanner, 3D CLUB and other large companies.
Fiction writer
I write fiction books in Ukrainian and Russian. In 2016, my story "The Future is Near" about time travel was published.
Business and career advisor
I provide consultations for entrepreneurs, content marketers and authors, do content audits, give recommendations for improvement.
I have worked in B2B and B2C niches
Business and Marketing
  • Marketer by education.
  • 8 years of work in the field of content marketing: helped in the development of commercial projects.
  • 4 years engaged in scientific research of business and marketing at the international level.
  • More than 25 scientific publications about business and advertising
  • Wrote about marketing for Netology, SMMplanner, GdeTraffic, Conversion, Partnerkin.
  • Worked as a financial editor at the Amaze agency and as an editor-in-chief in the SalesDoubler CPA network.
  • Wrote for the Sravni.ru portal about the products of Russian banks.
  • Prepared native articles on investing for Medialeaks
Choreography, sports, yoga
  • I have been doing different styles of dance and yoga for 6 years, between workouts I create a dance format without rules.
  • For 1.5 years she taught social dances in Vilnius for adults.
  • Collaborated as an author with the DanceHelp company, which organizes courses for choreographers, and the Fitness-Body portal
Магия и эзотерика
  • I practice sephirotic magic and elemental magic.
  • Studying the manifestation of Sephirothic magic in the modern world
  • Author and host of the MAK Project
  • I analyze the solution of popular problems from the point of view of the movement of energies and the work of the laws of the Universe
Important! In this niche, I only write articles signed with my name. I do not promote "magic" services

Art (theatre, cinema, literature)
  • She played in the student chamber theater in Vilnius.
  • She graduated from acting courses in Ukraine, participated in acting online trainings at the Inspiration Center.
  • Collaborated with the acting school "Theatre without Borders" (now EQ School).
  • Studied Ukrainian literature in depth at the level of scientific research for two years
  • Twice exchange student in Europe (Czech Republic and Lithuania)
  • Visited 9 European countries
  • I know a lot of life hacks for a comfortable trip and savings, I collected it from personal experience
The basis of the "MAK" is a full-fledged
content marketing
We promote goods and services through corporate blogs and publications in online media
We develop content strategies for B2B and B2C
We monitor their effectiveness of the strategy
We promote goods, services and services with the help of high-quality content
Set up timely release of materials
We create outsourced editions
Preparing PR publications
We also help with information
Консультируем по развитию бизнеса и продвижению продукта в Интернете
Подходит владельцам бизнеса, маркетологам, редакторам. Рассмотрим варианты продвижения товаров/услуг, важные действия на разных этапах.
Обучаем авторов в рамках МАК и на вебинарах
Подходит предпринимателям и редакторам, желающим в короткие сроки прокачать уровень своей редакции. Проведем мастер-класс, лекцию, вебинар для ваших авторов.
Осуществляем аудит контента
Подходит тем, у кого уже настроен контент-маркетинг, но есть сомнения по поводу его работы. Или просто хочется усовершенствовать
Проанализируем его эффективность и дадим рекомендации по улучшению.

«Хочу обсудить проект, куда писать?»
На выбор:
На почту
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Помогаем коммерческим журналистам выходить на новый уровень
и приглашаем к сотрудничеству
Обучение и карьерный рост
Участие в проекте МАК
У нас есть полезная мастерская для начинающих коммерческих авторов. В дальнейшем будут ПВ и мастерские для специалистов разного уровня.
Подходит специалистам в сфере контент-маркетинга. Разберем возможности для развития и выхода на новый уровень. Решим текущие проблемы в работе.
Аудит статей
Подходит коммерческим журналистам. Анализируем 3-5 статей, выделяем сильные и слабые стороны, даём рекомендации по усовершенствованию.
Станьте частью контент-агенства
Кого приглашаем:
Коммерческий журналист
Специалист по статьям для онлайн-СМИ и PR-публикациям
Коммерческий писатель
Автор, специализирующийся на лендингах, коммерческих предложениях, маркетинг-китах, постах для таргетинга и подобном продающем контенте.
Специалист, который может публиковать материалы на Тильда, WordPress и в соцсетях с помощью сервисов автопостинга или вручную (как удобно)
Конкретно сейчас мы не находимся в срочном поиске специалистов. Но отклики я просматриваю, лучших специалистов добавляю в базу, и при необходимости расширять команду мы обращаемся к ним.

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